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Best Samsung Galaxy S10 feature could be for the many, not the few

By reviews / 27. August 2018

Samsung will include an in-display fingerprint sensor on all versions of the next-gen Galaxy S10 handset, according to new reportsWord out of Samsung’s Korean homeland suggests the highly-anticipated tech breakthrough will appear on each of the three expected variants of the flagship phone.

The Investor reports (via SamMobile) the two high-end models will get an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor potentially supplied by Qualcomm. The entry-level device will have an optical fingerprint embedded into the display, the sources say, which will help keep the costs down.

So, what’s the difference?

Well, the ultrasonic in-display sensor maps the individuals unique print by transmitting an ultrasonic pulse against a digit placed upon the display. This is more accurate than optical technology, as it is able to capture a 3D reproduction of the fingerprint.

The optical tech is three-times cheaper than the ultrasonic tech. It collects a 2D image of the print and is thought to be less reliable when digits are damp, dry or mucky. This is the tech that has appeared in the Vivo Nex S smartphone, which is currently on sale in ChinaIn his review of the phone, Trusted Reviews editor Evan Kypreos said the feature was a little hit and miss.

He wrote:

“Its a wonderful bit of future-tech thats falling slightly short of the mark. When it works, its fast and stylish. The issue is that the miss rate is a little too high, meaning youll need to type in your PIN several times a day to get access to the phone. Ive yet to figure out the issue. Sometimes, it will work fine in bright sunlight; sometimes, it wont. At other times, in the dark, it will refuse to unlock, but the following evening it will work a treat. Perhaps software tweaks will improve matters.”

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Recent murmors have suggested Samsung will launch a trio of S10 devices, after a few years of going with one standard and one larger ‘Plus’ device. Reports back in June said Samsung will planning a super high-end model with a triple-lens camera and a 6.2-inch display, while the other two will offer 5.8-inch displays, according to the report out of Korea.

Should Samsung opt for this strategy, it could encourage greater adoption at different entry points in the market. Samsung’s flagship sales sagged with the Galaxy S9, which is somewhat of a commercial flop by the firm’s very high standards.

Would an in-display fingerprint sensor encourage you to upgrade after skipping the Samsung Galaxy S9? Drop us a line @TrustedReviews on Twitter.

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