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LG’s latest neckbuds come with a dedicated Google Assistant button

By reviews / 22. August 2018

LG has announced a new pair of neckbuds – and these ones come with a dedicated button that activates Google Assistant.

Similar to the LG G7 smartphone, the new Tone Platinum SE neckbuds have a button that you can tap to awaken Google Assistant without having to say theOK Googlephrase. LG said this also allows for real-time translation, because with a press of the button you can also invoke the Google Translate service – again without “OK Google” – and therefore you can communicate in another language more naturally.

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LG is introducing another model, the Tone Ultra SE, which also has a dedicated button for Assistant, as well an external mono speaker in addition to earbuds, giving you the option to listen to audio without the earbuds in your ears. There’s no pricing or release date information available for these new LG Tone products yet, but the company plans to exhibit them at the IFA 2018 show in Berlin early next month.

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Original source: http://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/lg/145447-lg-s-latest-neckbuds-come-with-a-dedicated-google-assistant-button

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