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Google is digging into reports of the Pixel 2 XL slowing down

By reviews / 22. August 2018
Pixel 2 XL

When your phone has an issue, its hard to know whether its a problem entirely localised to your pocket, or if there are others out there. It becomes more difficult to assess the extent of the issue when those affected include tech journalists, because their voices are understandably amplified.

Thats the case with an apparent Google Pixel 2 XL bug, which apparently makes the devices perform far more sluggishly than a Snapdragon 835-powered device should.

Artem Russakovskii of Android Police and YouTuber Marquees Brownlee reported similar-sounding issues, so was this just a weird coincidence or is this a widespread problem?

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Google is digging into the issue and its early verdict is that this isnt anywhere near epidemic proportions.

We have teams who constantly manage and monitor performance on our devices and our data indicates this is not a widespread issue,” a statement from Google reads.

Getting bug reports is a normal part of our processas is common for most consumer devices. We use these to evaluate what might be wrong and work on any necessary fixes. We are still in the process of investigating this report so it is too early to draw conclusions.”

Stephen Hall, the managing editor of 9to5Google, claims that the company has found three possible causes for the problemand one of them requires the hardware to be replaced.

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Hopefully this only applies to extreme cases, and hopefully the company finds a software fix for the majority of sufferers. Even if the problem isnt widespread, seeing your year-old £800 flagship performing like a five-year-old budget handset is no joke.

For Google this is definitely a bad time for such negative publicity to surface, as it prepares to launch its latest Google Pixel 3 handsets in a couple of monthstime.

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