Gmail for Android gets a face-saving new feature

By reviews / 21. August 2018

One of the main advantages of using the Gmail web client is the ability to undo the sending of emails if you spot a typo, realise you haven’t added an attachment or have some simple pangs of sender’s remorse.

Now Gmail for Android users can enjoy the face-saving feature, judging by reports. Android Police has spied the feature in version 8.7 of the app, enabling users to undo sending for a few seconds after sending it on its way.

The feature works in the same way it does on desktop, with an invitation to cancel the message during the sending process. If it actually goes through, you’ll be able to hit the ‘undo’ prompt at then bottom of the screen, but only for a few seconds.

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The report suggests the feature is gradually rolling out to Android users on version 8.7 and above. Not all users have access to it yet and those that do have it are reporting temperamental functionalityAndroidPolice says it isn’t sure when the feature began arriving within Gmail for Android, but users can probably expect to start seeing it in the next few days, if they haven’t already.

Confidential mode

The news comes days after Google added another major feature to Gmail’s array of smart toolsMobile devices just gained access to the Confidential mode, which Google says helps users protect sensitive information from unauthorised access.

So, for example, recipients of a confidential email won’t be able to copy, paste, download, print or forward the message. Of course, there’s nothing to stop recipients screen-shotting the email and spreading it that way.

There’s also a lack of end-to-end encryption, meaning no matter who you want to prevent reading your emails, Google still can.

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