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The Apple AirPower has a rumoured price… and it’s not cheap

By reviews / 15. August 2018
AirPower wireless charging

Rumour has it that Apples AirPower charging station is near completion, and ready to launch next month alongside new iPhones. But, if reports out of China are to be believed, it wont come cheap.

The report suggests that the AirPower will launch for $149 – or around £117. Thats quite a lot for an accessory that’s far from essential, and more of a luxury convenience for those sick of the nightly hunt for a cable.  

RelatedWhat is Apple AirPower?

The AirPower, for the uninitiated, is a wireless charging station that allows Apple customers to charge multiple supported products at the same time. You could, for example, charge an iPhone X and your Apple Watch 3 simultaneously off the same pad.

The press shots even show an AirPod case sitting on the charging pad, which implies Apple will support wireless charging in the next generation of earbuds.

The AirPower was first revealed by Tim Cook at last years iPhone launch, and news has been thin on the ground ever since. The delay and the price may well be closely related.

Getting the AirPower to a state where any device can be charged at any point on the pad has been a real challenge for the company, with overheating reported to be a regular issue with early prototypes.

The solution Apple has apparently come up with is not a cheap one. The AirPower will reportedly come with 22 individual wireless charging coils, and each one can be independently activated to supply power. It even apparently includes a custom Apple chip running a cut-down version of iOS for power management between devices.

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If true, that makes it quite a bit more sophisticated than rival products, but should lead to an experience thats far more appealing that current pads which require phones to be placed just soHopefully well see the results when Apple unveils the iPhone 9 next month.

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