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Microsoft’s new app lets you mirror an Android phone to your PC

By reviews / 15. August 2018

Microsoft has quietly launched its new Your Phone app that it started testing with Windows 10 Insiders just last month.

The company made it available to all Windows 10 users running the latest April 2018 Update on their PC. The Your Phone app, which is available to install from the Microsoft Store, mirrors an Android phone’s content to a PC and allows you to drag and drop photos from the phone to your PC. It’s still in beta, and it prompts you to install the “Microsoft Apps” app from Google Play before it tries connecting your devices.

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Microsoft will eventually add support for syncing text messages and notifications from Android phones. It has also said we can expect support for iPhones with a ‘website continue on PC’ feature. It didn’t mention the ability to sync messages, photos, and notifications from iPhones to PCs.

Anyway, if you’re not an Insider and you’ve been waiting to test the Your Phone app out for yourself, you can download it now. You can’t simply grab it from the Microsoft Store, though. Go to the app’s store listing on the web and then open it in the Microsoft Store app.

Original source: http://www.pocket-lint.com/phones/news/microsoft/145385-microsoft-s-new-app-lets-you-mirror-an-android-phone-to-your-pc

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