Zy Instrumentals – On My Own (Quake Live Gameplay)

By reviews / 12. August 2018

Some people have asked about the music in my videos, so yes, I make it myself but no I can’t release it, because others would take it as their own.

This video is a compromise. You can hear the instrumental louder, but it has Quake sounds all the way through it.

The song is called “On My Own”, you can listen to it and download it on Sound Cloud with my lyrics and vocals here: https://soundcloud.com/zyism/on-my-own-demo

It’s fairly unique, but hope you like it!

The game footage is round by round from the same game, not just highlights for a change, so it might be interesting to people learning about Clan Arena in the game Quake Live too. Note, I did delete a couple of rounds that really weren’t worth watching.

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