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The Sonos One and Sonos Beam are getting a useful new Alexa function

By reviews / 10. August 2018
Sonos One deals
Sonos One deals

If you have more than one Amazon Echo, Announcements is one of the most useful functions. It allows you to record a message and then broadcast it to every smart speaker in your network.

Not only is this a brilliant way to prank people without even having to leave the room, it also has several legitimate functions. Send public service announcements to a small office, get the kids to come down to dinner, what have you.

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But this is one function that has been broadly confined to Amazons own brand of Echo speakers. If you had another smartspeaker that uses the companys Alexa software, the function simply wouldnt work.

Thats no longer the case if you have the excellent Sonos One or Sonos Beam smart speakers.

The function works exactly the same way it does with the existing Echo family. Just sayAlexa announceand then record your announcement to be played back across your network of devices. The phrasesAlexa, tell everyoneandAlexa, broadcastalso work if you want to mix things up a bit.

As its not read out by Alexa, you can be creative as you like: record a song, put on a comical accent, or say it in Esperanto. The limit is your creativity and your housematespatience.

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Once youve finished recording, youll hear a short chime, and then your message will be delivered throughout the house. Individual devices can opt out of this either temporarily or permanently by setting them todo not disturbmode, or disabling the feature entirely in the Alexa app.

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