Switch Online launches next month, Nintendo confirms

By reviews / 10. August 2018

The Switch free-play party is almost over. Nintendo has confirmed that its Switch Online paid service will be launching in the second half of September, bringing to an end the online free-for-all of Mario Kart and Splatoon 2

Nintendo has been promising the online service since last year, but only revealed more details this year. In essence, its very similar to the services set up by rivals Microsoft and Sony for the Xbox and PlayStation families. Users pay a subscription, and in return can take part in online play, backup their saved games to the cloud and enjoy a selection of free titles. Only, in this case, Nintendos selection of free games currently only includes remastered NES games with added online play.

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In Nintendos defence, this considerably more meagre offering also comes at a much lower price. You can get one months access for £3.49/$3.99, three months for £6.99/$7.99 or a whole years access to multiplayer Nintendo fun for £17.99/$19.99. Thats slightly less than half the cost of rival offerings.

Of course, said rivals dont just have the older free games to point to when arguing about their value. Theres a real shortage of Switch games that currently support online play making it a slightly trickier sell. At the moment, fans seem to be making do with Mario Kart 8, Fortnite and Splatoon 2, though Super Smash Bros Ultimate may well sell a few subscriptions on its own.

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When Switch Online is officially launched in the second half of September, free online play will be a thing of the past, leaving current players with a simple choice: stick to offline play, or pay up. Unfortunately, with Super Smash Bros Ultimate launching in December, there wont be time to try before they buy.

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