Galaxy Watch vs Apple Watch: A new wearable king?

By reviews / 10. August 2018
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Apple Watch vs Galaxy Watch: Which wearable is better?

Apple and Samsung have been slugging it out in the wearable space for years. But for the most part Apples held a firm sales lead with its Watch line.

This year though Samsungs come out all guns blazing. Make no mistake, Samsungs latest attempt to dethrone the ruling king of wearables, the Galaxy Watch, is its most interesting to date. Heres how the Galaxy Watch compares to the Apple Watch Series 3.

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Apple Watch vs Galaxy WatchSpecs

The Apple Watch 3 is without a doubt one of the prettiest wearables around, despite having a slightly old school square face. This is mainly because of clever design work by Apple doing things like adding a physical crown to make it easier to interact with Watch OS.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch colourways press image edit

Which is why we were surprised quite how well the Galaxy Watch stacks up to it visually. For starters, it looks like an actual watch. The circular watch face has a traditionalmilitary grademetal finish and generous does of Corning DX+ Glass protecting the AMOLED display. The end result is a watch that looks outright gorgeous. The rotating bezel control should make navigating its Tizen OS a much more fluid experience as well.

From what little we know Samsungs latest wearable matches the Apple Watch on most key features, which is an impressive achievement. When it launched the Apple Watch’s optional LTE and wealth of sensors, which include a heart rate sensor and GPS, made it one of a select few smartwatches that could compete with a dedicated fitness tracker, such as the Garmin Forerunner 645 Music.

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Apple Watch Series 3

Which is why its no surprise Samsungs cloned the Apple Watchs feature set. The Galaxy Watch has optional LTE, and has been similarly waterproofed for swimming. Samsungs also loaded it with a custom health app that syncs with compatible smartphones to track workouts and activities.

Adding to its allure, Samsung claims its watch will beat the Apple Watch in one key area: Battery life. The company quotes it as lastingseveral days useoff a single charge. The LTE version of the Apple Watch struggled to make it past a day and a halfs use, so if theres any truth to Samsungs claim this could be a key differentiator.

Though wed take these claims with a pinch of salt until weve had a chance to check the Galaxy Watchs battery life with real world use.

The only thing were nervous about is the CPU. Past Samsung smartwatches, such as the Gear S3, have been fairly chuggy thanks to their use of older CPUs. Hopefully history won’t repeat itself with the Galaxy Watch.

The Apple Watchs S3 CPU has traditionally performed significantly better than the competition. Even now it keeps things ticking along nicely and were yet to experience any serious performance issues on the Apple Watch.

Were also a little nervous about its use of Tizen. Samsungs own OS doesnt have anywhere near the application offering of Apples WatchOS. This means the watch may not work as well with third-party, non Samsung services. Though until we get a chance to test the Galaxy Watch we cant confirm this.

You can see how all of the Galaxy Watchs specs compare to the Apple Watch in the table below.

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Spec Apple Watch Galaxy Watch
Display 1000nit OLED AMOLED with Corning DX+ Gorilla Glass
Battery Up to 18 hours 472mAhSeveral days use
CPU Apple S3 Exynos 9110 Dual core 1.15GHz
Local memory 4GB 4GB
GPS Yes Yes
LTE Optional Optional
Software WatchOS Tizen
Resistance Water resistant to 50m 5 ATM, IP68

Apple Watch vs Galaxy WatchPrice

Samsung hasnt revealed the price of its latest smartwatch, but dont expect it to be cheap. The companys older Gear S3 smartwatch cost £350 when it launched.

Though the Apple Watch Series 3 isnt exactly cheap either, with pricing for the most basic non-LTE version starting at a hefty £329.

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Early verdict

The Galaxy Watch looks gorgeous, but until we get more information whats under the hood and a chance to test it we cant sensibly say if its better than the Apple Watch.

But, considering how good the Apple Watch Series 3 is itll have a tough battle ahead of it if it wants to dethrone its archrival as this years must have smartwatch.

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