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You can finally buy the Magic Leap One mixed reality headset

By reviews / 9. August 2018

Magic Leap is finally here.

Officially called the Magic Leap One Creator Edition, it’s a mixed reality headset from startup Magic Leap. It’s shipping now in “select areasin the US for $2,295. It’s described as a product for consumers, and if you want to try it in person, AT&T will have demos in some stores. Right now, however, it’s aimed at app developers, who Magic Leap hopes will want to create their own apps for the Magic Leap World store.

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Magic Leap One has three parts: glasses, called Lightwear; a wearable computer, called the Lightpack; and a handheld controller. The Lightwear features tracking cameras and aphotonics chiplens that overlays images over the real world. The Lightpack features an Nvidia Tegra X2 mobile chipset, 8GB of memory, 128GB of storage, and a battery thatll last three hours and charges over USB-C.

Theres also a headphone jack, though Magic Leap One has small built-in speakers along the sides of the headset. Other features include a 50-degree diagonal field of view and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity (mobile data service is coming via AT&T sometime later). It has a small set of apps at launch, too, including a web browser, a virtual chat system, and a demo of Dr. Grordborts Invaders.

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Other stand-out experiences include an art tool called Create and a preview of an NBA app. If you want to buy the Magic Leap One, head to Magic Leaps website and search for your local zip code to see if it’s available in your area. Magic Leap said it would deliver Magic Leap One for free, and it will even help set up the system. There’s also a waitlist for people who can’t get in their area yet.

You can also add an optional $495professional development packagethat’ll let you replace the headset within 24 hours if needed.

Original source: http://www.pocket-lint.com/ar-vr/news/145340-you-can-finally-buy-the-magic-leap-one-mixed-reality-headset

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