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Pixel 3 XL leak suggests wired Pixel Buds are on the way

By reviews / 9. August 2018
Imaged Credit: Канал Лучкова

If you bought a Google Pixel 2, youll have been disappointed to find that while the headphone jack had gone, Google didnt see fit to include and USB-C headphones in the box to help you acclimatise to the loss. Yes, there was an adapter, but it was a poor substitute.

With the Google Pixel 3, it looks like the firm might be making amends, if these leaks from Russian tech blogger Канал Лучкова’s are legitimate. Amidst the images of a clean, if somewhat dull-looking handset with an alarmingly prominent notch, were shown a picture of white Pixel Buds – only with a wire that the existing product doesnt possess.

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Of course, just because they look like Google Pixel Buds, doesnt mean theyll be quite the same product we reviewed last year with a cable stuck on.

Yes, they have the same loop to fit in ears, but in all likelihood, the pack-in version will have weaker sound quality and may lack the all-important touch controls – assuming the picture is authentic, of course.

Even if they are full Pixel Buds with a wire, its worth remembering we werent too impressed with the wireless version. As our review explains, the way theyre stored is awkward, they dont isolate sound at all, and the touch controls are fiddly.

All this led to a less-than-stellar two-star rating from us, so you have to hope that Google has taken reviewer criticism into account for its second generation.

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Elsewhere, the leaks seem to confirm what weve been reporting for some time on the Pixel 3. The shot above shows key specifications including a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, 4GB of RAM (the 3.46GB presumably refers to the usable amount) and a 1440 x 2960 display (494 pixels per inch).

Obviously, its running Android 9 Pieit would be pretty weird if Google had opted for Windows 10 this time.

Would bundled Pixel Buds tempt you into buying a Pixel 3? Let us know on Twitter @TrustedReviews.

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