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How to fix the black bar bug affecting Google Chrome users

By reviews / 8. August 2018

Are you struggling to read this thanks to being distracted by an ugly black bar at the bottom of your Google Chrome window?

Youre not alone: the irritating bug has been reported on and off on the Chrome help forum since late April (via gHacks), and theres still no real understanding of what’s causing it.

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While the problem isnt exclusive to Chrome, the vast majority of complaints concern it – though that could be to do with Googles browser trouncing the opposition in terms of market share. The more people are served, the more likely the problem is to crop up.

All the same, users have reported a similar issue in Firefox and video app VLC too. That likely points to some drivers misbehaving, or a cocktail of software and hardware not playing nice, especially as the only reported OS that appears to be affected is Microsofts Windows 10.

Even with that pointer, the people on Googles help forum appear to be well and truly flummoxed. Several solutions including turning off hardware acceleration, running Chrome cleanup, reinstalling Chrome and creating a new user have been suggested with mixed results.

But there does seem to be one solution that works for everybody

How to fix the black bar Google Chrome bug

The answer was staring up at you from your keyboard the whole time: just press F11 to enter Chromes full-screen modeRepeat to exit, and voila: the black bar should vanish.

It may not be gone for good, but it should go away every time you do the trick. So give it a whirl.

Have you been plagued by a black bar in Chrome, Firefox or other software? Let us know if the fix worked for you on Twitter, by telling @TrustedReviews.

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