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Castlevania’s Simon Belmont joins Smash Bros. Ultimate cast

By reviews / 8. August 2018

A new Nintendo Direct has unveiled a collaboration between the forthcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Castlevania

Simon Belmont, the legendary vampire hunter from the Castlevania franchise, will join the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a playable character, a first for the character.

Belmont will wield his signature whip in battle, which can be moved freely to giving him more range than many characters. He also has his holy water, cross and axe pick-ups, familiar to any fan of Castlevania, but repurposed here to batter Kirby.

His echo fighter (essentially an alternate version with a slightly different move set) is Richter Belmont, with a different look and voice and both will be able to do battle across a new Castlevania stage set in Dracula’s castle. This stage will feature, Medusa, Werewolves, Camila and even Dracula.

The Nintendo Direct illustrated the new stage by having Cloud Strife facing off against Dracula.

Finally, Alucard appears as an assist trophy and 34 musical tracks from Castlevania are also making an appearance, cementing a big partnership between the two games.

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Beyond Castlevania

Outside of its Castlevania content, Nintendo also announced that Donkey Kong’s antagonist King K.Rool, the big mean Crocodile, will be joining the cast of the game

Chrom and Dark Samus also join as echo fighters, along with a variety of items, assist trophies and new Pokémon. The banana gun looks particularly enjoyable, as banana guns always are in combat situations. The Pokémon Mimikyu always joins the fray, and there’s a Rathalos from Monster Hunter in there as an assist trophy, too.

Nintendo has also announced that all these new characters will also be released as Amiibo.

All these additions bring the total number of stages up to 103, nearly double the 56 seen in Smash 4. If you want to experience as many as possible, stages can morph around you at random if the option is selected, allowing you to select two different stages and switch between them.

While we’re throwing big numbers around, the direct estimates 900 different tracks, around 29 hours of music, with a handheld mode allowing you to turn off the Nintendo Switch but keep listening to the music like a comically oversized iPod.


Finally, a variety of new modes, including Stamina battle which seems to give characters a more standard health bar in addition to several other modes that should create a lot more for players to enjoy when it comes to Smash Bros. multiplayer, even if most of the competitive scene will continue to play Final Destination with the items turned off&#8230

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