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FIFA 19’s new mode sounds an awful lot like battle royale

By reviews / 6. August 2018
fifa 19

Electronic Arts has announced a new mode for FIFA 19 in which every time you score a player is lost.

Well, they dont die or anything, but a goal means a player is taken off the pitch for the games duration, making it harder and harder to score.

Intended as a revamp of FIFA 19s existingKick Offmode, players can now set House Rules which will dictate how a match plays out.

You can choose to play with a referee who turns a blind eye to the most heinous of fouls or opt to play without an official altogether. Stuff like this should make for some interesting couch conversations, that’s for sure.

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The battle royale-inspired house rules mean that a goal scored results in a lost player, with the game coming to a conclusion once you or your opponent are down to seven on the pitch.

So, its hardly last-man-standing but should make for an interesting dynamic on the football sim. Having to formulate new strategies to accommodate a dwindling team may add some extra challenge, too.

Other newly introduced House Rules include being the first to score up to a certain number of goals, points being worth more from a certain distance and the option to have only certain moves count toward goals.

FIFA 19 is scheduled to launch for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch and PC on September 28, 2018, which puts it after the release of PES 2019 on August 30.

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