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Microsoft’s Office apps are getting lots of new features

By reviews / 4. August 2018
Microsoft Office

If you find yourself frequently doing bits of work on the move, you’ll be delighted to hear that Microsoft is updating its Office apps for iOS and Android. The changes should make working on the go that bit more pleasant, and bring the experience more in line with their PC-based stablemates.

Android is getting the majority of attention in the updates. Microsoft Word users will benefit from improvements to the zoom feature, which will snap documents to your screen, making everything a bit more user-friendly and readable.

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If you’re the kind of person that likes to fine-tune PowerPoint presentations on the go, then you’ll be pleased to hear that audio and video files can now be added directly from your Android handset, letting you record parts of your presentation wherever you are.

PowerPoint will also see improvements made to its zoom functionality to make things more precise and a touch less fiddly.

Outlook, meanwhile, is getting Quick Reply – the function that lets people tap short, pre-written replies that the software deems to match the content of the email. On top of this, Android users will also be able to use quick access and view of files from Group Details pages.

By comparison, the changes to the iOS version of Office are considerably more limited and largely confined to Outlook.

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iPhone owners will be able to seeEvents at a glance”, meaning they can quickly view upcoming and past group events. More useful for the privacy-conscious, Outlook for iOS now supports the ability to block external images – which should stop people finding out if emails have been opened and read on the sly.

Currently, these new features are only available to those on the Office Insiders programme. If that doesn’t apply to you, you’ll have to wait until the testing phase is over and the update becomes available to all.

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