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Nokia 9 back on track for possible late summer 2018 release

By reviews / 28. June 2018

HMD is supposedly working on aNokia 9phone. 

Nokia was almost certain to release the Nokia 9 in 2017, but after several rumours and leaks, it never came to fruition. Then, at Mobile World Congress earlier this year, we were given the stunning Nokia 8 Scirocco, which is every bit a flagship device, and everyone assumed that it’s likely the Nokia 9 from 2017. Or is it? WinFuture has reported that a new Nokia phone is coming, and it’s the Nokia 9.

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This phone is internally referred to as theA1 PlusorA1Pand will be similar to the Nokia 8 Sirocco (“A1N”). It’ll feature a fingerprint reader under the display, a more advanced camera, a Snapdragon 845, and a P-OLED display by LG. As for that UD fingerprint reader, it will be like the Vivo X21 UD. FIH Mobile is reportedly building the phone. Other than that, little is known about this device.

Considering nothing about the Nokia 9 is official just yet, it’s no surprise to learn that pricing and availability information is thin on the ground. Work on the phone reportedly started in February and will be done by August or September, however. Keep in mind Nokia Power User also said earlier this year that the Nokia 9 smartphone is back in the works and will be released later this year. 

We’ll keep you posted.

Original source: https://www.pocket-lint.com/phones/news/nokia/144935-nokia-9-back-on-track-for-possible-late-summer-2018-release

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