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Mario Kart 8 gets cardboard-tastic Nintendo Labo integration

By reviews / 26. June 2018
Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Labo has received a deceptively large update with support for Mario Kart 8, which means you can now use the Toy-Con Motorbike Controller to play the Nintendo Switchs definitive kart racer

Weve had a lot of fun with Labo already. You use the cardboard to build a variety of different housings for the console including a fishing rod, piano, and of course motorbike, but so far youve been limited to playing Labo-exclusive games.

The difference here is that youll be able to experience everything Mario Kart 8 has to offer, albeit while your Switch is housed in a cardboard approximation of a motorbike. Tilting the handlebars from side to side will allow you to steer, and theres even a little cardboard brake lever.

The realities of motion-control mean that this is unlikely to be the most effective way to play the game, and placing your Joy-Con controllers into a large cardboard housing doesnt look nearly as sleek and convenient as using them on their own.

But convenience has never been the point of Labo, and what this should mean is that youll have more to do with the cardboard contraptions than let them gather dust on a shelf.

Have you used your Labo much since you originally constructed it? Get in touch with us @TrustedReviews.

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