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By reviews / 25. June 2018
f1 2018

Codemasters has announced F1 2018, the next entry in its hugely popular racing series which will once again feature realistic vehicle models, challenging gameplay and plenty of content motorheads will likely adore. Little is known thus far beyond a few behind-the-scenes snippets and the official announcement having just been made!

Trusted Reviews has compiled everything you need to know about F1 2018 including all the latest news, gameplay, trailers and our hands-on preview from E3 2018

F1 2018 Gameplay Preview by Sam White

A lot of whats in F1 2018 will be very familiar to anyone whos played a recent Codemasters F1 game. With this latest iteration, the big back-of-the-box selling point is mainly the ability to make the headlines. So if youve ever wanted to get up close and have your say in the tense heat of the press paddock, nows your chance.

Its quite simple in practice. Youll take your chosen customisable avatar through a race weekend as normal, putting in the laps in practice before hammering the best times in qualifying. Then itll come down to the race day for you to bag vital points for both your drivers championship and the constructors rankings. But youll also be interviewed at certain points throughout a race weekend. Much like FIFAs The Journey mode (which is obviously a direct inspiration) you get the option of a multitude of dialogue choices, each of which carries different ramifications.

It essentially boils down to a simplistic binary quandary – do you want to be a showman or a sportsman? Showman drivers are bolshy and arrogant look-at-me personalities who love the limelight, while the sportsmanship types are reliable and play a fair game, always considering the ramifications of their words before speaking.

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Each team on the grid – all the way from the frontrunners like Ferrari, to the backmarkers like Haas and (sob) McLaren – have different kinds of traits theyre looking for in a potential driver. Its up to you to tailor your answers to fit these criteria to progress through the ranks, as youll only get offers from teams that like your approach to the press-heavy life.

For a lot of racing fans, myself included, this wont feel like such an exciting addition, simply because the games greatest appeals have always lived on track rather than off it. Thats especially true of F1 2018. Even compared to other games (like Forza Horizon 4), F1 2018 seems to have taken an interesting idea and reduced it to a single morality meter that you can increase or decrease by pouring answers into one style of play. This wouldnt be so bad if there was a wide array of options to choose from, but it looks like theres only two.

Every year there are minor tweaks and upgrades to the overall presentation, so every year you inevitably get the best looking version of F1 that theres ever been. F1 2018 really does look particularly shiny, though, and Codemasters has made a great effort to add a lot of new visual effects to the game, including in the replays, to give you the most authentic recreation of how it looks on your telly every other Sunday.

Thats not to mention all the updates to the cars, teams and driver liveries and lineups; all of the circuits on the F1 calendar, including the returning French circuit of Paul Ricard; the controversial safety halo that was introduced this season, which actually hinders your view if you play from the in-cockpit perspective; and the new classic cars that let you relive the glory days of old. So far they include the legendary Brawn GP BGP 001, which Jenson Button drove to a championship win in 2009, and Juan Pablo Montoyas 2003 Williams FW25 – again, a legendary drive.

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As much as the new headline options are a great way to enhance the championship experience, and just as the new paint job makes it the prettiest F1 has ever looked in a video game, its the actual wheel to wheel excitement that is still peerless. CodemastersGame Director, Lee Mather, tells us that a lot of attention has been paid to the driving itself. That includes the updated ERS system that offers players multiple deployment modes, depending on your skill level.

The developers have even upped the suspension to 1000Hz under the hood, which sounds complex and nerdy, but basically translates to the developers improving the feel of the car against the track. The result is the most responsive and realistic that the racing has ever been, and it makes every sweeping turn, hard braking zone, and high chicane feel like a challenge you need to surmount with every lap.

First Impressions

Of course, none of this is enough to win over naysayers of the sport. By this stage, some 8-years into the Codemasters / F1 marriage, the developers are fully aware that their loyal fans simply want the most authentic and deep recreation of the sport that they love so dearly. F1 2018 is truly leaning into that petrolhead obsession, with ideas both big and minute, but which all add up to the most impressive homage that racing fans have ever played.

F1 2018what is it?

Its the next entry in Codemasters long-running Formula One series. That aside, little has been revealed in terms of information, footage or even screenshots.

We were delighted by the reception that the highly-acclaimed F1 2017 game received, and are extremely excited to be able to further build on such a strong starting point with F1 2018said Paul Jeal, F1 Franchise Director at Codemasters in a press release.

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F1 2018 release datewhen is it coming out?

Codemasters has confirmed that F1 2018 will be coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC on August 24, 2018.

It will also launch with full support for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. Owners of these consoles can likely expect a nice boost in performance and resolution capabilities.

F1 2018 gameplayany big changes?

Weve yet to see any gameplay of F1 2018, but Codemasters has detailed some of the features set to receive improvements in this instalment.  The career mode will undergo some big changes while Codemasters is also committed to listening to fans regarding the addition of classic cars to the vehicle roster. Beyond this, “many other great enhancementshave been promised for the racing sim.

F1 2018 trailer – how does it look?

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