HyperX Cloud Flight Headset Review with Sound Tests

By reviews / 24. June 2018

The thing that impressed me most about the first HyperX Cloud headset I tested was the sound quality, especially for the price. And because I only use wireless headsets, I was excited to hear they were releasing the Cloud Flight.

It has not disappointed. Love the sound quality, feel and features of it, to the point of using it as my main; should be great while editing music. The wireless range is basically the same as all the others, so not really worth talking about.

The only issue I ran into was the mic, could definitely use an upgrade. Check the bottom of this description for the “fix” that I’ve been using on other headsets.

Unboxing and First Look video: https://youtu.be/IFMgcs_CAcg

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Using instructions from Corsair VOID

Instructions are from here on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Corsair/comments/45hh44/corsair_void_rgb_usb_quiet_mic/d00s2wa

1. Dowload Equalizer APO here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/equalizerapo/files/0.9.2/EqualizerAPO64-0.9.2.exe/download?use_mirror=netix&download=&failedmirror=kent.dl.sourceforge.net

2. Install

3. In the installation folder you will find a program called “Configurator”. Open it

4. You will see two tabs. Playback devices and Capture devices. Find your headset in the capture tab and check the little box then press Ok. It will ask you to restart and do it.

5. After restarting go to the Equalizer directory again and in the file “config” you will find a text file called “config”. Open it and in this file you can change the level of the devices you ticked in the configurator program.

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