BenQ Zowie XL2546 (240Hz monitor with DyAc)

By reviews / 23. June 2018

240Hz is very smooth and awesome, and this reduces blur even further. I’m still a big fan of 1440p, so hopefully we get a 27″ 240Hz monitor at some stage. For now, this is probably the best out of the BenQ Zowie range. I’m still happy with the XL2540 though… 240Hz, with or without DyAc is great.

As always, make sure you can get 240FPS in your main game before buying one of these… otherwise you might want to just get a 144Hz screen, which are still very smooth.

Here’s the full review of the XL2540:
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240Hz with DyAc XL2546:
240Hz XL2540:

240Hz with DyAc XL2546:
240Hz XL2540:

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