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Candy Crush Cheats: Free your game and level up with these expert tips

By reviews / 22. June 2018

Candy Crush Cheats: Free your game and level up with these expert tips

Whether youre casually playing a couple of rounds while waiting for the bus, or youve let yourself get much more obsessed, youre sure to find some useful Candy Crush cheats in our guide to the popular game.

How much Candy Crush have you played? A few rounds here and there? Maybe youve played a little bit longer, and have reached level 100 or maybe even more?

Well Mark Nunans Candy Crush stats are certain to make a mockery of anything youve achieved. Although he initially started playing the game to prove his daughter wrong when she said he wastoo oldto play, Nunan recently hit level 3007 on the popular match three game, which celebrated its fifth birthday last year.

Marks almost certainly responsible for a disproportionate amount of the 50 billion rounds of Candy Crush that have been played since its launch.

So whats the secret to his success? Weve put together his top Candy Crush cheats so that you can one day hit the same fabled heights without having to spend all your money on extra lives and items.

Mark Nunan has played Candy Crush for four years on a daily basis

Candy Crush Cheats: Take it slow, but remember to keep it moving

Although it can be tempting to try and race through the games earlier levels, Nunans advice is to take it slow.

The temptation is to play fast as there are so many options, but taking time to look for the opportunities of big explosions and combinations is worth it,” he notes, explaining that these are the best way to move the game forward.

That said, dont obsess over trying to make big matches with every swipe. As Nunan explains, “3s are the bread and butter of the game and cannot be ignored. The only
times you do focus on 4s and 5s are when you have a timed game with a target score or when you have very limited moves.”

Candy Crush Cheats: Plan your moves

When you need to score big, it pays to plan ahead.

The key is to plan your moves,” advises Nunan, who says that he often sees up to five moves ahead.

Frequently the big chains do not present themselves so you have to make moves to allow them to be created. If I see two pairs of the same colour alongside each other I will always look to see if I can move another of the same colour into position.”

Getting these bigger matches is not just visually satisfying with the various explosions that theyll trigger. The combination of plenty of candies being paired off will also net you fantastic score multipliers, which will help you progress quickly and smash those records.

Candy Crush Cheats: Sometimes, let the game guide you

Although its often best to forge your own way, sometimes the game will give you a clear indication of how it wants you to play a level. Sometimes its as simple as needing to hit a high score in a smaller amount of moves (in which case, aim big), while other times youll need to target certain areas of the board, as Nunan explains:

Where you have to clear cells or open gates that are in a certain part of the board you have to target certain partsthis is when it is really good to aim for 4s and 5s to get a bigger hit to move those more reinforced squares.”

However, with that said the game will occasionally mislead you, especially in its later levels where there are somedead endsandfalse leadsthat youll need to ignore, according to Nunan.

Candy Crush Cheats: Play in short chunks

Like many mobile games, Candy Crush is a game thats designed to be played in short chunks, and this was a point Mark Nunan was keen to emphasise, where personally he plays during downtime in the day such as while on the train or waiting at a coffeeshop.

This should also keep you from making rash decisions. During the games later levels patience becomes a much more important factor, and playing for lengthy sessions could encourage you to make rash decisions and cut corners.

Resist the urge and just take a break.

Candy Crush Cheats: Dont be afraid to return to earlier levels

In Candy Crush, successfully completing strings of levels in a row will unlockboosters’, which can grant you special abilities and make some of the harder levels a lot more manageable.

The only problem is that it can be quite hard to complete that many levels in a row, especially when youve reached the games later stages.

The solution might sound like a bit of a cheat, but Nunans recommendation is hard to fault.

I do sometimes go right back to levels one to ten in order to get six wins in a row and earn the gold spaceship or Mortys most powerful hat.”

But thats about as far as Nunan is prepared to go in order to manipulate the game, and says that hes never manipulated his phones clock to automatically unlock more lives (although the less principled amongst you might be more tempted).

Candy Crush Cheats: Success doesnt rely on spending lots of money

Finally, although Candy Crush is a free game that makes its money through microtransactions it might surprise you to hear that Mark has never spent any money on the game at all.

In my case. There has been no need to spend anythingnot paying has become a thing.”

Its certainly reassuring to hear that coming from a player whos happily gotten three thousand levels into the mobile game.

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