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You can now use Google Assistant on Nvidia Shield TV in the UK

By reviews / 20. June 2018

Nvidia is now rolling out the Google Assistant to Nvidia Shield TV boxes in the UK. You can now say “OK Google” just as you would with any other Google Assistant-enabled device to start playing music, videos, TV shows, movies and games.

As you can see from the image above, your Google Assistant requests appear on screen as you’re saying them.

Nvidia recently updated the interface of Shield TV with the Shield TV experience upgrade 7.0. It added a new, collection-based home screen that enables you to select popular shows and videos without having to enter individual apps. 

Naturally, everything is customisable and you can pin anything you want to the home screen as well. There’s also a “play next” area that enables you to jump right into stuff you’ve started already. 

Nvidia says that it hopes to have updated all Sheld TV devices in the UK by early next week. 

The Nvidia Shield TV is available at around £180 from Amazon UK. It is also available in the US from Amazon.com and others.

Original source: https://www.pocket-lint.com/tv/news/nvidia/144883-you-can-now-use-google-assistant-on-nvidia-shield-tv-in-the-uk

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