How To Get Good – Play Raw

By reviews / 14. June 2018

It’s easy to fall into the trap of finding every little special way you can win… and it’s good that you’re competitive, but don’t let that trap you. If you start to rely on something to be able to win, when that’s taken away, you will struggle. In my opinion, it’s best to play as raw as possible, that way you rely more on yourself than anything else, and you can adapt to win.

After using 70 or so mice, I actually don’t even rely on the mouse as much anymore. I’ll usually find a way I can win regardless of what I’m using… see my review of my first gaming mouse to see an example of that:

It’s all about building your skill to the point you can adapt. So I’d advise not to use scripts or cheats or anything automated… learn the skills, build your abilities, and hopefully you’ll understand the “freedom” I’m talking about.


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