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Quake Champions Random Tips #1 (Using Ability, Instagib, Jump Pads and More)

By reviews / 13. June 2018

New series to explain random points of Quake Champions to newer players. Just testing at the moment, let me know if it helps and you want to see more!

What to work on:
1. Plan where you rocket jump, try to have health bubbles near
2. Start using your ability more, especially right at the start so you can get 2 or 3 uses by first Quad Damage
3. Try to use your ability near the hour glasses or when you are going near them (this is Champion dependent of course)
4. Keep your aim where enemies could be, especially when walking around corners
5. Find the hot spots in Instagib to have a chance at higher scores
6. Jump as close to the wall as possible on jump pads and hold duck as you reach the top so you don’t go too high
7. Make sure you’re always moving so you are harder to hit, your aim will adjust over time, plus you can help your aim with strafing, but that’s another video.

Quake Champions is available on Steam but still in early access… they’re doing a lot of great work though, definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already, or if you were waiting on progress before coming back, now is a good time.

Have fun!


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