How To Get Good – Breaking The Skill Ceiling

By reviews / 12. June 2018

When you’re playing heaps and you just can’t seem to get any better, it’s time for a change. Breaking the skill ceiling isn’t easy. You can watch the pros play, challenge people better than you and just play all day. But at some stage, you’re going to hit a limit.

I talked about one kind of change in the video, but it applies to everything in life. Eat different foods. Exercise differently. Take up a new sport. Listen to new music. Do whatever it takes to get your brain trying to learn and achieve again.

Doing the same thing over and over will get you stuck in a rut. As humans, we are built to adapt and strive to improve… that’s why we need change. That’s part of why people go on holidays too!

So if you’re stuck, make some positive changes. Challenge yourself in new ways. And hopefully, that’ll get you past your current skill ceiling.

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