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Just Cause 4 officially announced with brand new trailer at E3

By reviews / 11. June 2018
just cause 3

Update (10/6/18): After being leaked ahead of the show, a trailer shown off at Microsofts E3 2018 conference has confirmed that Just Cause 4 is indeed happening. From what weve seen so far it looks like the game is going to continue the series tradition of blowing lots of stuff up in exotic locations, but we should expect to receive more details at Square Enixs conference tomorrow.

You can watch the trailer for yourself below.

Heres everything we knew about Just Cause 4 as we headed into E3

Avalanche StudiosJust Cause series has always been perfect for causing havoc in a luscious tropical setting. Rico Rodriguez is a mercenary in possession of countless tools for gunning down enemies and surfing about the world in style. Now, rumours are circulating that a fourth installment is in the works and to be revealed at E3 2018.

Trusted Reviews has compiled everything we know about Just Cause 4 including the latest news, rumours, trailers and what wed love to see.

What is Just Cause 4?

We dont quite know just yet. Neither Avalanche Studios nor Square Enix are yet to confirm the existence of Just Cause 4 despite a few rumours emerging in recent weeks. We imagine itll try and capture the same sense of open-world chaos past titles have done so well.

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just cause 3

Just Cause 4 release datewhen is it coming out?

A release window, much like the existence of Just Cause 4, is yet to be announced.

Could we see a reveal at E3 2018? Probably, if the below premature advertisement from Valves Steam storefront proves genuine

just cause 4

Just Cause 4 wishlistThings wed love to see

Much better performance on console

Just Cause 3 was a bit of a mess on PS4 and Xbox One. Sure, it was playable, but unpleasant performance problems made it difficult to stick with for long sessions. It was frustrating, as the spectacular explosions and jaw-dropping stunts were lessened significantly as the framerate tanked during all moments of action.

We want Just Cause 4 to improve massively on this aspect, largely because itd simply make it a more fun experience to play. With PS4 Pro and Xbox One X out in the wild now, wed love to see enhanced modes implemented for these systems that make things perform and look better without hiccups the third instalment suffered from so much.

More inventive missions

A lot of the fun had with Just Cause 3 happened to evaporate as you entered a mission. Instead of wiping out enemy territory with relentless destruction you were pushed into a linear sense of progression with objectives that simply didnt feel that creative. They were fun, but almost distracted from the better parts of Ricos escapades.

Avalanche Studios should strive to create a more creative range of mission types without sacrificing the unpredictable chaos fans love about the series. Ricos repertoire of abilities are so ridiculous he could pretty much do anything, so why not translate this excess of power into narrative missions?

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just cause 3

A different kind of setting

The tropical island setting has been tackled three times now, so maybe its a sign that Avalanche Studios should move somewhere different for Just Cause 4? Whether its a dense city, a different take on the tropical setting or even something futuristic, a new approach would be awesome to see.

Rico Rodriguez merely requires vast environments capable of soaring through the skies with his absurdly stylish wingsuit and dropping down anywhere to cause some trouble. Enemy bases that are fully destructible would also benefit from a new, more varied location for Just Cause 4.

Even more vehicles and weapons

This one is a no-brainer. You could unleash some unbelievable havoc with the weapons and vehicles available in Just Cause 3, something that was expanded even further with its healthy DLC offerings. Now, wed really like to see this arsenal taken up a notch with Just Cause 4.

Having the ability to fully customise and upgrade each weapon would be an addition wed love to have included, providing Just Cause 4 with an extra layer of wackiness to its already crazy identity.

What would you like to see from Just Cause 3? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter @trustedreviews.


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