Top 10 Large Gaming Mice June 2017

By reviews / 10. June 2018 This is from the current Top 40 gaming mice on my website, just focusing on the large mice (and some medium-large).

Unfortunately for people with really big hands (over 23cm or 9 inches) there isn’t much available for palm grip. The Corsair Glaive is probably the best bet.

Here are the review links for the Top 10:
10. Roccat Kone EMP
9. Gigabyte XM300
8. Corsair Glaive
7. SteelSeries Rival 300
6. Finalmouse Scream One
– Scream One Update:
5. BenQ Zowie ZA11
4. Razer DeathAdder Elite
3. BenQ Zowie EC1-A (White)
2. BenQ Zowie FK1+
1. Logitech G403

You can find my Amazon Affiliate links in the descriptions of each of those videos… but here is the Logitech G403 (wired) anyway:

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