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Battlefield 5: EA announces Battle Royale mode at E3 2018

By reviews / 10. June 2018
battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 is the latest entry in DICEs beloved shooter series and will feature a robust solo campaign, online multiplayer and even a battle royale mode. Taking the series to a gritty and realistic WW2 setting, players can expect another explosive experience later this year.

Below is everything we know thus far about Battlefield 5. Trusted Reviews will be going hands-on with the game at E3 2018, so stay tuned for our full thoughts on how the game feels in practice.

Battlefield 5What is it?

Battlefield V is the latest entry in the incredibly popular Battlefield franchise. Many internet sleuths tried to decipher what theVin its title represented, what it could mean, and Im sorry to disappoint, but it really does just mean5”.

The game takes place during World War II with DICE hoping to tell some of the lesser known stories of the global conflict.

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The games single-playerWar Storiescampaign will see players journey north of the Arctic circle to Norway, witness the devastation of Rotterdam, and battle across the French countryside amongst other locations.

Battlefield 5 War StoriesWhat are they?

War Stories makes a return from Battlefield 1. This time around the intention is to give an insight into some of the lesser-known conflicts of World War 2.

The first one DICE has discussed is titledNordlys’ (Norwegian for Northern Lights). Set in Norway in 1943 during German occupation, it tells the story of a young woman who must make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save her family.

Hopefully DICE can replicate some of the excellent storytelling seen in Battlefield 1, but with more content to keep players returning over the course of Battlfield 5s life cycle.

Battlefield 5 Battle Royale – Its coming

Electronic Arts and DICE announced during its EA Play event that Battle Royale is coming to Battlefield 5. Its still in the early stages of development and details are light, although players can expect the mixture of gunplay, vehicles and scale the franchise is adored for. Well receive more details later this year.

Battlefield 5 release dateWhen is it coming out?

So, this is a little more complicated than usual, because Battlefield 5 actually has three different release dates.

Firstly, we have the EA Access Trial, which begins on October 11 from EA Access subscribers on Xbox One. Then we have the Battlefield 5 Deluxe Edition Release Date, which is the premium edition of the game, launching three days early on October 16. Finally, we have the Standard Edition launching on October 19.

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Pricing of the Deluxe Edition was not revealed during the presentation, nor its contents, but well update this page once this is known. Stay posted!

Battlefield 5 GameplayWhats new?

DICE highlighted some of the key meta and fundamental gameplay changes coming to Battlefield 5. While sporting a very similar aesthetic to Battlefield 1, there have been numerous tweaks in response to fan feedback which, DICE hopes, will make for a better game.

For example, there are now improved fortification mechanics around buildings. Its now possible to repair destroyed buildings to some level of usability for cover and defiance against enemy onslaught.

If a building gets taken down, you can use repair kits to build them back into a useful state. For example sandbags, barbed wire and other practical items can be erected around the area. You wont be able to completely restore the building to its former glory, but you can patch it up into a pretty decent state.

Ammo is now far more scarce in the environment. Players are encouraged to scavenge fallen soldiers for bullets, and resupply stations are now available at every capture point, as well as being able to be built through fortification.

Recoil of each gun is now more predictable, meaning more experienced players should be able to learn how each gun behaves to give them a tactical advantage.

Battlefield 5 MultiplayerWhat can we expect?

Right now, DICE hasnt revealed much regarding multiplayer, with a full debut trailer to come during the EA Play conference at E3. The number of maps is still uncertain, but we do know that the classic modes of Conquest, Team Deathmatch and Domination all return.

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Battlefield 5

However, some mechanics were discussed. Spottingwhere players canmarkan enemy player for the rest of their team to seehas been removed to stop players scanning an environment and simply marking all enemies. Instead DICE has put much more work into creating a dynamic environment that makes it easier to naturally spot opponents based on the way the world reacts. For instance, a player running through tall grass will make the grass move, leaving them vulnerable to overseeing snipers.

Although itll be easier to spot enemies, youll also have more movement options if youre the one being hunted. Running soldiers will to drop to the ground and turn and look in any direction, picking off chasing enemies, or diving left or right to shoot into a corridor of enemies and gain an advantage.

Revives also now require physical interaction with the downed teammate. Rather than just running around stabbing a syringe into thin air, you must go down to a fallen ally, revive them and pick them up off the floor.

Reviving a teammate will also become much more common thanks to the fact that all players within a squad can revive each other. This process, known asBuddy Revive’, takes much longer to do so if youre not a medic. However, whether youre being revived by a qualified medic or just a buddy you can never recover full health, unlike in previous games.

One mode that was discussed in detail is Grand Operations, a huge combat mode that sees players engage in conflict over four in-game days. Each day will see a unique and distinct multiplayer mode with custom rules and map layouts. The final results on one day will have an impact on the next, such as less resources for one team or affected respawns.

If the conflict reaches the fourth day, the mode reaches a sudden death battle called Final Stand. Each player is given one life and one round of ammunition in their primary weapon, emphasising the theme of a war of attrition. Buddy revives are still in effect. Last team standing wins.

Battlefield 5 Combined ArmsWhats this?

Combined Arms is a new four player co-operative mode that DICE describes as the bridge between single player and multiplayer.

During the presentation, DICE noted that some players of Battlefield can be overwhelmed by the seriesintense multiplayer experience, and wanted to use this mode as a gateway to get people invested without struggling against other players.

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Battlefield 5

In Combined Arms, the goal is to move into a territory and try to complete as many objectives as possible. Resources are scarce, and its up to the players whether to try and complete the next objective or extract out of the zone.

In this mode theres a mission generator which will randomly create new objectives to keep things feeling fresh for players.

Battlefield 5 Tides of WarHow does it work?

Tides of War is Battlefield 5s new metagame that will exist across the whole experience. For the first time in the series, you will be able to customise soldiers, vehicles and weapons by unlocking new skins and apparel as you play the game.

Each player will have their ownCompany”, a group of soldiers that will level up and progress along with them. You can specialise your character classes via progression to suit your own play style. You unlock new gear through playing the game, and this gear creates a unique look for your Company.

In the presentation, the depth of the gun customisation was very impressive, having an almost CS:GO like aesthetic, and offered a great variety to each gun. I could certainly see the appeal of making each weapon your own. Some looked incredible.

DICE said these items can be unlocked via in-game currency, which it described asgrind currency”, a term we werent particularly fond of. It wasnt noted whether progression could be sped up or unlocks purchased via microtransactions.

To speed up the earning of currency, there will be Daily Orders and Special Assignments. The former take less time to complete and will reward lesser currency, while the latter can take days or even a week to finish. However there will be multiple ways to complete the objective, meaning that each type of player is catered for, be you a player who spends their time healing others, attacking enemies or taking the objective.

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Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 Season PassIs there one?

Heres the good news: No! EA and Dice have decided to scrap a season pass for this game, following the trend of other multiplayer-centric games to offer free multiplayer maps to avoid segregating the player base.

Maps released post-launch will both offer historically accurate stories with restricted rule sets for added realism, such as limited weapons and vehicles, as well as other maps that will take historical accuracy less seriously.

Being able to get free content following the initial purchase is great news for gamers, but how EA mitigates this loss in the form of microtransactions remains to be seen.

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